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on March 29, 2019 anniversary

20 Things You Didn't Know About Laminate Works

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This year marks our 20th anniversary, so we think that calls for celebrating all year long. We are kicking things off with a 20th Anniversary Blog series, starting with 20 things all about Laminate Works that you may, or may not already know. We dug deep into the LW history book, and this is what we came up with:


  1. 1.  Laminate Works started in Wichita, Kansas, inside our owner’s first company—Clotia Wood & Metal Works.
  3. 2.  In September 1998, Clotia Wood & Metal Works started making elevator panels for Montgomery Kone Elevators, now known as KONE Elevator.
  5. 3.  Since Clotia made high-end custom furniture, not laminated panels, our concern was there would be confusion if Clotia continued to make laminated panels. So, we had three options:
    1. a.  Change Clotia’s mission to include laminated panels
    2. b.  Quit making panels
    3. c.  Create a new company that would make laminated panels
      (Obviously, our owner decided the best choice was to start a new company to make laminated panels and the rest is history.)
  6. 4.  In February 1999, Laminate Works was incorporated.
  8. 5.  The name Laminate Works came from Clotia Wood & Metal Works, just without the “Clotia” preceding it.
  10. 6.  In October 2001, we moved from Wichita to Kansas City. The location of our first plant in Kansas City was just a couple blocks away from our current building._MG_1506_2
  11. 7.  LW started with three basic capabilites: laminating, cutting, and edgebanding. Before moving to Kansas City, we bought our first CNC Router.
  13. 8.  For the first year, we only made elevator panels for Montgomery Kone and MEI Elevator. While we now serve many different industries beyond elevators, it’s worth mentioning that we still make panels for both companies.
  15. 9.  In February 2005, we moved to our current location in Kansas City.
  17. 10.  In Early 2008, Laminate Works Dallas opened. (Fun Fact: 10 years later we sold Laminate Works Dallas in 2018 to Wilsonart. Read more about that here.)DSC03453
  18. 11.  Laminate Works Houston opened in early 2013. This location only focused on laying up panels.
  20. 12.  In spring 2015, Laminate Works Dallas leased a new, larger plant and Laminate Works Houston moved into that building to combine their operations.
  22. 13.  “How fast can we get the laminate?” is probably one of the most common questions we get asked by customers. To help cut down on lead times, we have always ordered the raw materials needed for an order before we even enter the customer’s order into our system.
  24. 14.  LW recognizes employees who have been with the company for 10 years by gifting them with a special watch. Currently, we have 10 employees on our team with matching blue Tag Heuer Aquaracer watches.fullsizeoutput_142d
  25. 15.  Profit sharing is something employees look forward to every year, but the way we do it is a little different than most. At the beginning of the year, our owner picks a percentage of our profit to be divided equally among all employees regardless of status—meaning the plant employees who have been at LW the entire year receive the same amount as upper management.
  27. 16.  Over the years, LW has seen only two different logos and two different variations of “Laminate Works blue”—including the logo and the blue we use today.Asset 1
  29. 17.  Laminate Works has moved and been in four different plants over the span of the past 20 years. Starting with 6,000 square feet, then 20,000 square feet, next 25,000, followed by 50,000, then finally expanded to our current 100,000 square feet of manufacturing capacity.
  31. 18.  The original mission and vision statements written in 1999, along with the guiding principles used to make decisions which were written in the days of Clotia, have gone largely unaltered since then and are both still the foundations of LW today.
  33. 19.  Well over 80,000 elevators have been outfitted with our laminated panels over the past 20 years.
  35. 20.  In the past 20 years, we have bonded over 100 million square feet of laminate panels!


So, there you have it! We hope you learned a little more about who we are and where we came from. Make sure to stay tuned throughout the year for more from our 20th Anniversary Blog series. 


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Olivia Clothier

Marketing Coordinator

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