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on June 05, 2020

Discover Clean Surfaces for High Traffic Spaces

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We are living in unprecedented times. Now, more than ever, it’s vital to think about innovation as an increased safety measure. In the world of laminated component parts, you have a lot of control in what materials you use in your products. It’s exciting to see materials evolve as technology allows for significant improvements in not only quality, but in features like antibacterial properties and chemical resistance. Nearly all spaces are rethinking what type of surfaces they can implement in high-traffic, high-touch environments such as schools, offices, healthcare, and even homes. What if you had access to a best-in-class material that also helps fight viruses and bacteria on your product surfaces?

Velour4Panel-1The first material worth mentioning is Fenix NTM® by Arpa. We recently introduced our VELOUR SURFACE SOLUTIONS™ and partnered with Fenix NTM to create a seamless surface. Fenix is truly something you have to see and feel for yourself to understand the incredible difference. However, the amazing soft-touch super matte has so much more to offer than just looks. The VELOUR SURFACE SOLUTION with Fenix keeps viruses and bacteria from growing due to its non-porous, electron beam hardened surface. In addition, the chemical resistant properties allow it to be cleaned repeatedly with hospital grade solutions that kill harmful microorganisms without damaging the surface.


Next up is the scratch resistant high gloss film from Senosan, which we also recently partnered with to introduce CRYSTAL SURFACE SOLUTIONS. In addition to its superior shine and scratch resistance, the advanced chemical and stain resistance properties makes it suitable for even laboratory applications. 

300x300_CurbellAnother material offering that is ideal for healthcare environments as well as other high traffic areas is King MediGrade antimicrobial HDPE from Curbell Plastics. The tough polymer sheet uses antimicrobial technology to protect the product surface against stain and odor causing bacteria, algae, and fungi. Unlike other surface coatings, King MediGrade bonds the antimicrobial agent at the molecular level which retains effectiveness throughout the entire life of the product. 

300x300_WilsonArtHDLastly, Wilsonart HD HPL is a unique product that inhibits the growth of bacteria across the whole surface. The antimicrobial protection is built into the decorative layer, so it will not wash away or wear off over time with the addition of silver ions. 


This list barely scratches the surface of what is available in the realm of clean surfaces. With an increase in demand for surfaces that are antimicrobial and chemical resistant and many options in color and finish from various manufacturers, there is sure to be a solution for your next project. 


Discover a surface solution that’s both clean and beautiful.

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Olivia Clothier

Marketing Coordinator

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