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Part of the Week : 2" table leg with cable channels for collaborative table system

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Last year a trusted and loyal customer of ours brought us a challenge, they wanted to make a new collaborative table with integrated power and cabling. They needed help making sure what they designed could be manufactured. After a few meetings and a number of test parts, we arrived at a solution. Needless to say, the end product has been a big success and very popular for our customer. We’ve been making more and more of them every month since they introduced the offering.

To create the solution, we start by bonding laminate to one side to two separate sheets of industrial particle board (IPB). These parts are made-to-order in several different colors by our customer so they’re not always exactly the same. 

Next, we take the bonded sheets to our nested based router, cut them to shape and route channels into the exposed IPB face, these channels create the areas where the cable will run through. The routing at the top creates the connections to attach the legs to the table top.




After the parts are shaped and the channels are cut out we take the two pieces back to the glue line and bond them together, with the exposed IPB sides facing each other. The result is a 2” part with laminate on each side and channels for cables and cords.




The final step in the process is to apply and finish the edge with matching laminate. This covers up the seam between the two sheets and creates one seamless finished part. Finally, we clean up the parts and ship them out to our customer along with table top.




Every day, we make parts of all shapes and sizes from a wide variety of materials. We manufacture one of a kind parts and make thousands of the exact same thing. If you need excess capacity, a specialized machine, or are starting up a new program, let’s talk. The earlier you get a manufacturing partner involved in your project the better.


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Travis McElhany

VP of Marketing

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