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on August 26, 2020 Capabilities manufacturing

Laser Edgeband Your Parts on Our Machine Today

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Earlier this year, we introduced our new IMA Novimat laser edgebanding machine. The technology in this spectacular machine is not new to the industry, but the cost associated with making the investment in your plant may not be a viable option, and investing in a machine of this size can take a year or more to be fully running in your facility. However, you can have access to laser edgebanded parts right now by using our machine for your next project.

There are many benefits to using laser edgebanding in your parts, but one of the most topical reasons during the COVID pandemic is the no glue-line edge. This mean that no dirt and bacteria will build up where the surface meets the edgebanding. The result is sleek, easy to clean parts that look almost exactly like a solid surface at a fraction of the cost.

To watch the amazing laser edgebanding technology and see the final product for yourself, check out the video:


Call us today to achieve a seamless, no glue-line edge with laser edgebanding in your next project.

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Olivia Clothier

Marketing Coordinator

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