on June 12, 2020 IWF

IWF 2020 Canceled

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If you told us in January that almost every major event in 2020 would be canceled, we would have said you're crazy. It's no secret that's the reality we're living well into halfway through the year with more and more events being canceled. Clearly the woodworking industry is not immune to the implications of a global pandemic. 

Like many people in our industry, we make plans to attend trade shows well in advance. We look forward to networking, learning about trends, and seeing the current technology to plan for our future as a company at trade shows. During a normal year, NeoCon would be happening right now, but the organization made the decision to cancel this year's event. So, it came as no surprise hearing that IWF 2020 has been canceled as well. 


We attended IWF two years ago, which marked the point in which we started making big decisions on machines we wanted to invest in, such as our PUR line and laser edgebander. Flash forward to now, we are so disappointed to hear the news, as many of you are as well, about this event and many others being canceled this year. We know the decision made by the IWF management committee was not easy and we trust they are looking out for the safety of nearly 30,000 attendees from all over the world. 


While many will be disappointed about the outcome, we look forward to seeing what the virtual platform of the 2020 show has to offer and eagerly anticipate IWF 2022!


Olivia Clothier

Marketing Coordinator