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on October 28, 2019 Boring New machine Capabilities manufacturing

Boring Challenging Component Parts to Perfection with Biesse's Vektor15

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The Brema Vektor 15 is a vertical boring and drilling machine with dowel insertion capabilities. It is manufactured by the Italian machine manufacturing company, Biesse. Founded in 1969, the company has spent the past 50 years focused on innovation with “turnkey” systems and machinery for large industries and small operations alike. The Vektor 15 is no exception, built to perform precision operations with minimal manual labor involved. The vertical positioning of the panel combined with the structure of the machine itself, help make the loading and unloading operation highly ergonomic and guarantee that even the most delicate surfaces can be machined successfully.

The Vektor 15 eliminates boring alignment issues by keeping thin, laminated parts perfectly flat.
This manufacturing challenge is commonly seen in parts designed for vertical application, such as elevator panels. However, this isn’t an issue in our facility thanks to our Vektor 15. Its rollers apply constant, evenly distributed pressure to the part both in front and behind the machine head, keeping it perfectly flat and level. This allows the machine to hit its marks every time, producing consistent results.


The end result is a quality laminated part which has been machined to the exact specification of our customers. Thanks to the patented dual-section haul-off, cycle time is reduced, allowing on time delivery of the finished part. 


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