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The decision to begin considering new materials happened last year with the purchase of our new PUR line and laser edgebanding machine. With this, we needed a person dedicated to researching the gold standard in materials to compliment our best-in-class capabilities. We hired a Vice President of New Markets and he began looking at trends in materials those in our industry are using. We soon realized it made sense to research super matte materials. Super matte surfaces began gaining popularity in Europe before just recently starting to take off more and more in America. However, not many manufacturers here are working with it yet.


The evaluation process began as we culled the current options in super matte HPL. We asked ourselves questions like:

  • - What are people familiar with?
  • - Is there a noticeable difference in quality?
  • - How can we get the product in-house quickly and priced effectively to fulfill orders?
  • - Can we create a partnership with a supplier?

After evaluating options from many suppliers, we decided FENIX NTM was the best choice for super matte HPL. The other super matte choices were not bad by any means. Our customers would have been familiar with them and they have similar features, such as an anti-fingerprint and a soft touch finish. But we felt it would be selling ourselves and customers short by not choosing the very best option we could find. 


That being said, there is an obvious difference with Fenix that you touch, feel, and see immediately. We learned all about the technology that the Fenix super matte surface has to offer, such as keeping viruses and bacteria from growing, anti-fingerprint, low reflectivity, scratch resistance and soft touch. It is considered “New Age HPL” because of the acrylic overlay, making it the future of premium laminate.


But what sets our VELOUR SURFACE SOLUTIONS apart from the rest? Not only have we entered into a mutually beneficial partnership with Arpa to bring our customers the option to add a best-in-class super matte to their offerings. We have also paired in with coordinating 2mm edgebanding using our laser edgebander to create a seamless surface solution that is silky soft to the touch and unlike anything you’ve seen before.

VELOUR is truly innovative and unique. We are excited to introduce this product and bring this modern manufacturing solution to our customers.

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Olivia Clothier

Marketing Coordinator

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