Outsourcing Work Surfaces Provides Time to Innovate

Finding time to test and optimize manufacturing processes while already running at capacity is nothing new in our industry. Often times it seems like there just aren't enough hours in the day to do both. This is the situation a large office furniture manufacturer found themselves in last year, and they came to Laminate Works to help with a solution.



This customer had two problems. One, they required extra capacity while tooling up and adding new machinery to address their long-term growth. Two, they needed time to iron out the bugs between design, engineering and manufacturing on several new parts.



How can we help our customer find time to test and optimize new parts while they're already over capacity and installing new machinery?





After collaborating with their team, and testing a few of their parts, we found the best solution was for Laminate works to focus on providing excess capacity by manufacturing ten of their highest-volume, repeatable parts. Doing so freed them up to innovate and problem solve, and gave them the time and focus required to solve their own manufacturing challenges. In addition, it allowed them to continue filling customer orders on-time while they installed their new machinery.





As part of the solution, we needed to make sure we could hit their ever changing production schedules. To ensure that happened we manufactured and stocked finished parts in our warehouse in bundles of 20 so they were ready to ship out on-demand. When an order came in, we shipped it out within three days and then replenished their dedicated stock of both raw materials and finished goods. We even created a custom shipping and receiving label that integrated with their existing systems. 





Last year, we made over 16,500 parts for this valuable partner. That’s an average of around 350 total parts each week. Whether they needed 100 parts or 1,000 parts that week, we delivered their orders within three days.

For their teams and customers, Laminate Works seamlessly matched the parts made in our customer’s facility, 100 percent. Doing so freed them to spend time solving more complex problems.



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