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Part of the Week : Unfinished Reverse Knife Edge Tops

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We recently partnered with a large contract furniture manufacturer who was looking to improve lead time, allowing them to continue keeping their promises to their customers. They needed a number of different types of parts delivered to their facility with consistent and reliable service and quality. One project consisted of several different size and shape reverse knife edge parts that we would manufacture for them to then finish and assemble into a final product. It was a perfect partnership for us—so we worked together to create a solution to manufacture their tops and deliver them on-time and with the quality they expected.

These particular parts we manufactured for them are 4-foot and 5-foot round tops with an unfinished reverse knife edge and an unfinished square grommet cut out. Our customer has finishing capabilities but outsources the panel processing, which is where we come in.

Our team and state-of-the-art machinery worked to manufacture the parts to the customer’s specification. After production, the parts were quality checked, packaged and loaded on the trucks for delivery by our packaging and shipping departments. In addition to providing high quality laminated component parts, our customer noted the reduction in damage during transit compared to the damages and defects they have previously experienced.

Many of our customers are just like this one—companies that utilize our capabilities by outsourcing to us, so they can focus on their strengths. We look forward to supporting this customer in future projects, as well as growing together as we continue to add new capabilities to our plant in 2020. The addition of our new PUR laminate line and laser edgebander will improve the quality and look of the parts, as well as open up new materials for our customers to work with.


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Olivia Clothier

Marketing Coordinator

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