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PPP Loan Deadline August 8th : How to Apply Today

If you are a small business and you haven’t applied for government PPP loans, the deadline is August 8, so now’s the time!

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Welcome to LW: Snez Goodale, VP of Quality Assurance

Laminate Works introduces our Vice President of Quality Assurance, Snez Goodale. Similar to our VP of New Markets, this role is brand new to LW. As we...

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Surface & Panel Podcast : Bert Clothier & John Aufderhaar

It is an honor to announce the release of the second episode of the Surface & Panel podcast, featuring our owner and President Bert Clothier. 

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Adapting and Responding to COVID-19

As of today, there are a total of 2.18 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United States according to At Laminate Works, we employee 7...

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New Markets Deep Dive : VELOUR

The decision to begin considering new materials happened last year with the purchase of our new PUR line and laser edgebanding machine. With this, we ...

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20 Year Reflection: Just the Beginning

As we bring our 20th year to a close and begin our 21st year in business, we reflect on the past 20 years and anticipate all the next 20 has to offer ...

LW News Hiring

Welcome to LW: Greg Kivett, VP of Sales

Laminate Works introduces Greg Kivett, Vice President of Sales. Greg has now been on the team for nearly 6 months and has been hard at work in this ro...

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Would you quit your job if you won the lottery?

Derek said no. Find out why in the employee spotlight video below and learn more about Laminate Works and the team we're building. We're looking for m...

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Would you get a company tattoo?

Freida said yes. Find out why Freida said she'd be willing to get a Laminate Works tattoo permanently inked on her body in this less than typical empl...

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Who would you team up with in a zombie apocalypse?

  Kyle said he'd pick a co-worker. Find out what it's like to work with team members you'd trust with your life in this employee spotlight video.  

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