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Quick or Custom? Stay Competitive by Offering Both

It’s no secret that consumers’ buying habits have shifted. We live in a time where it has become an expectation to order something and then receive it...

manufacturing Operations School Furniture Contract Furniture

Cut lead times overnight by switching from low to high pressure

Times are challenging right now across all industries working with wood products. The COVID 19 pandemic is making it difficult to procure raw material...

Operations Customer Service

What would happen if you improved 1% every day?

Our team recently read the book Atomic Habits by James Clear to gain insights into improving individual and team processes and performance. In this bo...

manufacturing Operations Pricing

What we learned about our manufacturing costs from building a deck

This year, in an effort to streamline our expenses and further perfect our ongoing process to identify our cost to manufacture, we completed an extens...

LW News Operations Culture Hiring

Who would you team up with in a zombie apocalypse?

Kyle said he'd pick a co-worker. Find out what it's like to work with team members you'd trust with your life in this employee spotlight video.

Edgebanding Capabilities manufacturing Operations

Plant Managers Get Schooled in Edgebander Operator Training

In April, our edgebanding manager visited our manufacturing partner, IMA Schelling, at their US factory to get first hand training from the tech speci...

Insider Capabilities Operations anniversary

Top 20 New Customer Questions from the Past 20 Years

Every one of our loyal customers started at the same place, and many of them with the same questions. To continue our 20th Anniversary Blog Series, we...

manufacturing Quality On Time Operations

A NEW Customer-centered Approach to Calculating Quality On Time

INTRODUCTION In early 2016 our management team attended a two-day workshop to kick-off a new marketing practice for the company. During the first sess...

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