on March 26, 2020 LW News Hiring

Welcome to LW: Greg Kivett, VP of Sales

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Laminate Works introduces Greg Kivett, Vice President of Sales. Greg has now been on the team for nearly 6 months and has been hard at work in this role. Greg brings significant industry knowledge and sales experience to lead the way for the sales team.

Last year, LW created and introduced a new role called Vice President of New Markets. Since then LW launched a handful of new products and started going into completely new markets. This is where Greg comes in.

Leadership_GregKGreg's industry experience began during his time as a Sales Representative for Formica. After that, he was the Regional Sales and Operational Manager of Wurth Baer Supply out of Kansas City for eight years. For the last 16 years, he owned a quartz and granite countertop company called Trendstone. Now, as he continues in the sales field, he will reinforce LW's new products. He brings value by leveraging his industry insight and experience in selling best-in-class products to a variety of market segments.

In addition to creating and defining a specific sales strategy, Greg works closely with both the Marketing and New Markets teams to create solutions for our customers. Going forward, his priorities are establishing new products in their target markets and establishing sales channels that align with defined strategies.

Greg’s wealth of knowledge and extensive experience in the industry supply chain are a great asset for the whole team. Laminate Works is excited to have Greg on the team and looks forward to the future of the company.

Olivia Clothier

Marketing Coordinator