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on July 31, 2020 LW News Hiring

Welcome to LW: Snez Goodale, VP of Quality Assurance

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Laminate Works introduces our Vice President of Quality Assurance, Snez Goodale. Similar to our VP of New Markets, this role is brand new to LW. As we have invested in our capabilities, expanded our product offerings, and started selling to new markets, we created this role to lead quality and continuous improvement initiatives across the organization.

While Snez is new to the panel processing industry, she is no stranger to quality assurance. For over 20 years, Snez has worked with companies in various industries, such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food, and packaging, to drive change by establishing and improving standards and processes.

Coming into a brand new industry, there has been a steep learning curve. Quality assurance truly encompasses every part of a business, so there is a lot to learn, but Snez says she feels fortunate to work with diverse team members that are open to helping her learn more about the company overall and what each individuals’ processes entails. During her first few months at LW, Snez has focused on learning how and why we do things to better understand improvement opportunities, and ways to measure success and be more efficient as a company across the entire organization.   

Day-to-day, Snez talks with different departments to review workflows and assesses where our gaps are to determine how we can improve and implement efficiencies. Going forward, her focus is incorporating sustainable continuous improvements within the current quality systems. Additionally, she will implement a quality management system, improving the organizational effectiveness and customer satisfaction. She hopes to bring value to LW by growing a quality-driven culture and facilitate proactive rather than reactive solutions when assuring the quality of the products we deliver to our customers, ultimately meeting our customers’ expectations for quality.

We are looking forward to having Snez on our team and the future of the quality systems put in place at LW.

Olivia Clothier

Marketing Coordinator

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