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on January 07, 2020 Future Technology CES

Wireless powered door lock debuts at CES

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CES 2020 is happening right now, it's not typically a show the woodworking industry is directly involved with. But that might be changing in the very near future with more and more commercial and residential furniture becoming connected to each other, the internet and the power grid. One example this year is a smart, wirelessly charging door lock from Alfred using the Wi-charge wireless charging solution. This product could possibly be the first real product to get its power beamed through the air.

The product works by receiving powered that's beaming to it using a safe, invisible light from a base station housed inside a lighting fixture. The base station can power objects in range of around 250 ft2. It can also power multiple devices at the same time.

There are a nearly unlimited number of application for this technology in scores of different industries. It seems fairly likely that this technology will find its way into the commercial and residential furniture, casework and cabinetry industries in the near future. If you're not asking yourself, "What could I be doing with this?", you may be missing a future opportunity.


Featured image by Ashley Carman / The Verge


Travis McElhany

VP of Marketing

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